Byrne'n Mud Pottery

Byrne'n Mud Pottery! Based out of Labrador West, NL! Your be all, end all for ceramic art and crafts. Featuring; handmade pottery, pottery wheel lessons, group events and much more.

Byrne'n Mud Pottery.  Not just your ordinary pottery store. Featuring hand crafted pieces of ceramic art and pottery all made by Labrador West potter Marty Byrne.  Each piece reflects and has the feel of all things Labrador.  A land thats vast wilderness and remote location instills a quality of a tough and beautiful nature.  Made from stoneware and earthenware clay, and fired to close to 2000 degrees each piece is slightly unique.

Marty Byrne

Byrne'n Mud Pottery came into fruition just 3 short years ago. Starting in my small garage pottery studio a community interest formed in what i was doing and creating. I have since not only become an accomplished ceramic artist with work exhibited in galleries, I have taught ceramic art to hundreds of people and thus fostered art in many who may have never otherwise found such a gift.  I am proud to offer my one of a kind pieces of pottery for sale to my friends around the world. These are exciting times indeed!

Byrne'n Mud Pottery operates out of my garage studio.  3 potter's wheels,  2 kilns, and a lot of clay and glaze!

Byrne'n Mud Pottery

408 Bartlett Dr. Labrador City, NL A2V1G2

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